The personalization of all services (advice, analysis, investment, management and valuation of movable and immovable assets) for both private and professional clients, with the aim of preserving harmony within the sphere concerned.


Experience, a key role in any real estate or moveable property transaction, to confirm expectations. Patrymonius negotiates as close as possible to the requirements, with the aim of satisfying its client. Negotiation is a crucial point, which requires understanding, security and strategy on a patrimony.
Today's world demands constant analysis, in order to preserve a return on movable or immovable property, whether it is held, in name or by share capital. In order to meet the most demanding requirements, and to secure an estate, it is imperative to understand and know the rules of the estate concerned, whether it is movable or immovable.​
Patrymonius, because each heritage is unique, each valuation is unique. Patrymonius, the security of a heritage for the next generations.

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