Stone remains a niche investment sector and requires solid experience. Real estate is addressed as much to institutional, professional, as to private investors, looking for a property.

Real estate must be personalized and must correspond to the precise expectations and requirements of clients, whether they are sellers or buyers.

The management of a property is a key point of return. Patrymonius manages and enhances the value of the properties entrusted to us, through qualified legal experts, accountants and managers, for the comfort of our clients over time, with full discretion and ethics.

Securing a transaction (brokerage type) is a key point in the success of a real estate sale and requires real knowledge. A real estate purchase or sale requires a solid experience, strategy, transparency and discretion.

Our portfolio (apartment, villa, land, building) real estate for sale or rent, is only very little subject to the internet, and is mainly presented internally via our client portfolio. Of the above, the files are presented, only against email, containing the complete coordinates of the real buyer. Thus, all parties involved collaborate with transparency and security.

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